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Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Man, One Gun

July 22, 2012

       Yup, that’s all it would have taken. One man (or woman), with the discipline to carry every day, and possessing the intestinal fortitude to take the shot when necessary is all it would have taken. Of course Colorado has a problem with situations like this (Columbine), so is it safe to say that it must be a Colorado thing more than a gun thing? I think not, this isn't the only place that bans the legal carry of a handgun. According to Sipsey Street, this was one of the typical “Disarmament Zones” so prevalent in our society, (schools are another) so of course this coward would pick it as a target. Predators go for the weak, not the strong, they go for the young or old, not those that are better able to fight back.  This kind of predator is the reason you practice body armor drills in your training regimen.

      Of course the media, and their handlers (Socicommuprogessivists) all call for stronger gun laws, but I believe people are finally starting to get it as this piece points out. Then we have the group that wants to bash everything about the country, abusing one of the bill of rights, while calling for another to be abolished and use this incident as an example. To The Brady Bunch, Bill Maher and all the other flatulent ass breathers, I say, “I agree, YOU PEOPLE should not have a gun.” Btw, Alvie asks some very good questions in his latest.


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