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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Communications, or a Lack Thereof

July 14, 2012

Once again, BooHOo, and his peeps have power over something they needed for complete control. This Washington Times, article doesn’t really say a lot, but it says enough to let us know that once again, control is their goal. Something that I noted.  "The section authorizes the president to 'cause the closing of any facility or station for wire communication' and gives him 'control of any such facility or station' if a state of war, or the threat of one, exists."

 The Obama administration has given the Department of Homeland Security powers to prioritize government communications over privately owned telephone and Internet systems in emergencies.

An executive order signed June 6 “gives DHS the authority to seize control of telecommunications facilities, including telephone, cellular and wireless networks, in order to prioritize government communications over private ones in an emergency,” said Amie Stephanovich, a lawyer with the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).

The White House says Executive Order 13618, published Wednesday in the Federal Register, is designed to ensure that the government can communicate during major disasters and other emergencies and contains no new authority………

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