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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Of Guns, Dogs, Cars, and Spoons

July 28, 2012

      Why is it, that when certain types bad events happen, the object used in the bad event gets the blame instead of the person responsible? Morons like to say If we ban guns, we won’t have the senseless violence that we have now, Bullshit!! Do you honestly believe criminals will comply with these laws? The reason they are criminals, is their lack of compliance with society’s laws. I guess you believe they won’t have convenient access to firearms, right? Does the term “Fast and Furious” come to mind? Yup, if there is no alternative, BooHOo will provide them to the criminals.

     So I guess when a dog is raised to be vicious, it’s not the fault of the owner, it’s due to the dog’s (insert what ever breed you want here Pitbull, Rottweiller, Chow) genetic makeup, right? And if we take the genetic question a step further, if a certain racial or ethnic group of people tends to commit violent or criminal acts more than other groups, should they be kept out of a country like some dog breeds are in other countries or states? Of course not!

     I guess it’s a good thing for some that this is not applied to something like alcohol. Alcohol (beer, liquor), generally speaking, has no socially redeeming value, and the ingestion of it causes impaired judgment by the one doing the ingesting. This impairment leads to the death of thousands every year, but you don’t hear people clamoring for the banning of alcohol. Nope, all we hear is a cry for harsher penalties for the one committing the act, as it should be.

     Then we’ve got cars. Can you tell me what earthly reason you need a car that does 120 mph for? Generally speaking, speed limits in most states don’t exceed 75 mph. What? You can go 120 mph on the track, well guess what, I can shoot 100 rounds of ammo on the range as fast as I can pull the trigger, and have just as much fun doin’ it as you do in the car, on the track. Do the range and track both fall under the definition of sporting purpose?  

     Yup, the spoon is what made (Insert obese politician, media personality, or actor here) fat, right? I guess Mrs. BooHOo, or NYC mayor Bloomberg is going to take care of that injustice, by banning eating utensils to those who are obese, right? Nope, I got a feelin’ those fat POS will find a way to eat without a spoon, just like James “The Joker” Holmes would have found a way to kill and injure dozens of people, whether he had access to guns or not.  

American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE       

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