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Sunday, December 9, 2012

CONTROL, or a lack thereof.

9 December, 2012

     Although I've always believed that the government was a necessary evil, I had a hard time believing 1984 would come true in my lifetime. I read that book in 1981, at the young age of 12, and have had a bag ready to go ever since. Couple that with a Father who is a Baptist minister, and devoted every Sunday night sermon to The Revelation, for about six months when I was 13-14 years of age, and well........ you know, I have an interesting perspective of the events of the last 25 years. "May you live in interesting times" was not meant as a blessing by those that used it, and these are interesting times indeed. Take the RFID chip the obamacare law mandates we recieve, starting in March 2013. Whether you believe it's the mark of the beast, or a draconian government, trying to implement a total control measure, it's wrong, and violates a number of your rights as a free person. I'm curious why this was not given any coverage by Mittens during the election campaign. I feel the placing of an RFID chip in my body is A TOUCH more unconstitutional than the individual mandate most of them were harping about. Why would the reps in DC hardly give any lip service to this glaringly unconstitutional control issue? Simple, they're either in on it, they don't want to lose their place at the trough, or they are cowards that don't deserve the title of "Representative".  Let's see, "in on it", that's easy, TREASON, a hanging offense. "Don't want to lose their place at the trough" that's just plain greed, which would be TREASON, same rope. "Cowards" I don't know that I would hang a coward, but they would be publicly whipped, and branded on the forehead with that title.

     Other control issues the Gov wants to push and is considering. Well, I already commented on this, and now The Powers That Be are entertaining this draconian feces. Let me be blunt, the fact that William Presson, Chief Inspector of the United States Marshals Service, , Col. Kevin Benson of the Army's University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, and Jennifer Weber, a Civil War expert at the University of Kansas, are given any audience at all should scare the hell out of you. This recent story by an NSA whistleblower says alot about the state of THE STATE, and how TPTB feel about us, you know, THE ZOMBIES. What, you didn't know the government spent money on a first responder exercise that had zombies? Ok, here's the deal, you're either for freedom, or you're not. If your a lazy bastard who wants to be given everything and will do whatever your told by TPTB to keep getting it, you deserve what you get. I truely feel sorry for you, there are worse things than dying. I believed the gun control issue was going to be the "Crossing of the rubicon" for the government, causing a revolt. I now believe the RFID Chip plan from obamacare will be that event, if the country doesn't go into a state of chaos from economic conditions or a false flag event prior to it.

     The people of this country are going to have to make a decision concerning these control measures. Either you take what they require, or you resist it. If you plan on resisting, you better have a plan, and that plan better include what your gonna do AFTER you make your stand against tyranny. Do you know how to defeat FLIR, what about drones? Don't plan on goin' to the house of anyone you converse with on your cellphone, or any social network (FB, Twitter, Myspace), the gov knows who you know, what do you think the Fusion Centers are for? Do you have friends that will put you up in their basement, no questions asked, if necessary, and they're not on the cell/social media network? Since they already control the internet, don't plan on contacting anyone that way, when it gets bad. It will be like Egypt right now.

     As for me, I WON'T TAKE IT!!!! If the government and it's representatives try to force this violation upon me or mine, they will recieve an invasive chip of their own, the only question is, what the weight of that chip will be.

American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE





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